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We’re about 100 days from State of the Map US 2019, and we’re looking forward to all the great talks being submitted by everyone. If you’re on the fence about submitting a talk, or looking for what to share, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s some topics we’d love to have you come talk about or lead a birds of a feather session on.



  • tell us how you are using street level imagery for editing
  • machine learning / image recognintion
  • what’s your drone/camera set-up, tips for collecting imagery


  • what’s josm
  • getting started with id
  • overpass queries
  • holding a mapathon


  • led an import
  • particpated in an import
  • important import tips or lessons learned?

commercial osm use

  • transit
  • navigation
  • sidewalks

Need help with your SOTM US talk submission? Join the call this Wednesday! If you would like to call in, kindly sign up here!

Ready to submit? Here are some important links to make it happen:

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