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The City of Detroit and State of the Map US are issuing a challenge to the OpenStreetMap US community to make the Detroit region the best openly mapped region in the world.

We’re calling on local mappers, arm-chair mappers, corporate mappers, and everyone else in between to help map The Motor City and its regional towns and countryside like no place else. The best part: There’s no end to what can be mapped - every sidewalk and its condition, trees parks and natural places, everything about road navigation from restrictions to traffic, data for biking and public transit. Let’s map and share it all openly.

Some fun locations might be:

🍕 How about the best pizza in Detroit?
⚾️ Where were you when Cecil Fielder cleared the roof?
🤖 Where was Robocop filmed? Spolier Alert: Not Detroit

Interested in imports? Detroit has some great open data ripe for incorporating into OpenStreetMap.

We’re building a list of challenges and ideas on our GitHub repo.
🏦 3D Buildings would be especially cool!
⛰ Are there actually Trails in Detroit?
🛣 Have all the Roads been found?

This is just the start - We’ll be providing more information about the event in the coming weeks leading up to State of the Map US and we encourage everyone interested to be part of the discussion. Check us out in the DETROIT channel over on the OSMUS Slack.

Header photo by Jay Stiles (Free License via Detroit Stock City).


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