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Applications are now open for State of the Map US scholarships!

OpenStreetMap contributors and enthusiasts will be gathering in Detroit October 5-7 for the annual State of the Map US conference. Want to attend? If you are interested in connecting with the OpenStreetMap US community in Detroit and financial support will make that happen - apply now for a scholarship! No matter where you live, what your interests, or how long you have been involved: we welcome your application!

State of the Map US is meant to build community and facilitate an exchange of ideas around the free and editable map of the world, and thanks to our members and sponsors we are able to offer scholarships and decrease participation costs for all of those are interested in attending. Don’t let travel costs keep keep you from participating!

We also encourage you to consider submitting a talk for the conference. Whether by organizing meetups, making maps, adding data, writing code or documentation, or something else, we’re interested in hearing your story. You can propose a 20 minute talk, a 5 minute lightning talk, or a longer workshop on the same form here.

Deadline: Sunday July 1, 2018

Scholarship Details

Scholarship recipients will receive:

  1. A complimentary ticket to State of the Map US
  2. Up to three nights of accommodation at a nearby hotel
  3. Up to $500 in travel expenses reimbursed

In return, OpenStreetMap US asks recipients to contribute to a blog post about their experience at the conference.

Who is Eligible?

Scholarships are available to anyone, but their purpose is to help those attend who would not have otherwise been able to. We encourage and welcome diversity in the OpenStreetMap US community. We don’t want a single person to miss out on this exciting event. It takes millions of edits to make OpenStreetMap a resource for us all, but it only takes you to make our community unique and special. Please consider joining us!

How Do I Apply?

Apply by filling out this form!

*Note that this year, we have one single form for submitting your scholarship application and/or talk proposal. Please fill out the relevant section(s).

Be sure to apply by July 1st, 2018.

The selection committee will aim to notify scholarship recipients by August 15th, 2018.


If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at scholarships@stateofthemap.us.

Header photo by Tatiana Van Campenhout (CC BY 2.0).


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