--- --- Kate Chapman Joins SotM-US Planning | OpenStreetMap US

The OpenStreetMap US board is excited to welcome Kate Chapman as our new (and first!) State of the Map US consultant. Kate comes with a long history of open mapping expertise, including a little thing called being the first Executive Director of HOT. Kate also helped organize the very first State of the Map US conference in 2010!

Back in 2010 State of the Map US was in Atlanta. This year we take State of the Map US to Mountain Time for the big sky of Colorado. The US board, the local organizing team, and hopefully you all! welcome Kate to the team.

Kate will be focused on supporting all aspects of the conference, including our amazing OpenStreetMap program, scholars, volunteers, sponsors, and more. As one of her first support projects, she’ll be hosting Office Hours for talk feedback this week and next. We encourage you to come!

Don’t forget to join us for the most exciting open mapping conference in October! A lot is happening just around the corner, so reach out to us if you have any other questions!

We are all coming together to make State of the Map US the best annual celebration of OpenStreetMap’s impact and future. As part of that future, we encourage you to join us in Boulder!


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