--- --- Notes from the townhall on State of the Map US 2016 | OpenStreetMap US

Thanks to all who came to our townhall yesterday to discuss bids for State of the Map US 2016. We are creating a State of the Map US that is community orientated and we are interested in hearing your ideas on how a national conference can bolster us all. SO! When looking over proposals, we (the OpenStreetMap US board) are going to keep a special eye out for:

  • How the State of the Map US you’re planning improves the US OpenStreetMap community.
  • The progress of your State of the Map US ideas, dates, venue, and cat line-up.
  • The nature of the organizing team. (Is this your first mapping rodeo?)
  • Accessibility for the entire OpenStreetMap US community (is domestic travel to your location affordable?).

Here at OpenStreetMap US we are excited to see these bids, especially if it’s a mapping rodeo! Lasso one of us if you have any other question and send us an email to board@openstreetmap.us.


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