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All main sessions of the State of the Map US program on Saturday and Sunday will offer captioning for anyone preferring to read along. If you have a hard time hearing or if you’d like to follow along from home, this service is for you.

We are working with White Coat Captioning to offer this service. To use captioning at State of the Map US, go to the conference room’s corresponding web page and you’ll be able to read along with what’s being said on stage:

You’ll be able to use captioning from the conference and also from home to follow along remotely. If you have any questions about this service, please send us an email at sotmus@openstreetmap.us.

Photo courtesy White Coat Captioning. Note that contrary to what the photo above may suggest, we won’t offer video streaming or in-projection captions. This service is purely accessible through the web interface described above. You also don’t need to wear a tie if you’re a speaker ;-).


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