--- --- Added More Tickets for State of the Map US, Squeeze In | OpenStreetMap US

We are thrilled at the interest and excitement around State of the Map US. Nearly 500 people have registered for the conference, making this the largest OpenStreetMap gathering ever. We want to open the doors to it for as many people as possible to attend.

We crunched numbers and logistics over the weekend, and have made 30 more tickets available. If you want to attend, you can now register here. We recommend moving fast.

We’ve also started a waitlist. If you have registered and will not be able to attend, please let us know. We’ll refund your ticket and make it available - first come first serve - to someone on the waitlist.

All sessions will be recorded and we will have videos up at stateofthemap.us in the next week. If you can’t make the conference, we hope you can still tune in to the sessions.

Hope to see you this weekend!


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