--- --- Announcing Winners of Scholarships to State of the Map US | OpenStreetMap US

This year we gave out scholarships to ten people doing amazing work with OpenStreetMap to attend the State of the Map US conference coming up this weekend. These individuals help maintain and improve the overall OpenStreetMap infrastructure, bring OpenStreetMap into new communities within the United States and beyond, teach students how to contribute to OpenStreetMap, and use OpenStreetMap in interesting projects. Congratulations to our winners!

A very big thank you to the three organizations who made these scholarship possible. Thank you Stamen Design, Urban Mapping, and Esri - your support has helped bring our winners to San Francisco where they’ll be leading sessions, workshops, and participating in many conversations about the future of OpenStreetMap.

Also, a shout out for our winners who cannot attend the conference: Jacob Acord, Samuel Paul Alce, Vitor George, Jan Marsch, and Fernando Sanz. Keep up the great contributions to OpenStreetMap, and we hope to see you in person soon.


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